The Missing Slate was founded on the premise of free speech and an open space for both literature and the arts to flourish, irrespective of geography. Through the magazine’s weekly web content and quarterly digital editions, we have published work from over 60 countries. The store started out as a way for the magazine to fund its existence and has since become a source of promoting the artwork and content we publish.

The brainchild of Editor-in-Chief Maryam Piracha and Creative Director Moeed Tariq, the story behind our name (a question we’re often asked) arose from the current literary landscape in Pakistan, a country with a rich history but a low tolerance for it. We wanted to publish a magazine that paid tribute to our diversity by opening up our “borders” to include submissions from other countries (and have published work from over 60 so far, including Pakistan). The magazine’s essays and commentaries would still cater to our roots in some way but Pakistan would not be an end-all destination for the magazine. Because South Asian magazines are usually rooted in the region’s geography, such a platform was missing in the local publishing scene. Because slates are still used to write and teach in most rural Pakistani villages, it felt fitting for the magazine to be called The Missing Slate, finding and publishing voices our editors felt were important to a discerning reader.

Please note: In order to keep costs down, all items in the shop will be delivered by post / registered mail. Courier services like FedEx, UPS, DHL etc. charge exorbitant amounts that we are then forced to charge to our customers and we’re not okay with that.

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